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Personal Online Math Tutor for 7th Grade

Grade 7 Math – a step to learn the New!!

Variables, Coefficients, Indices, Roots, Irrational Numbers, Functions and Constructions...All of these have a different meaning for a grade 7 student by now. New terminologies often baffle our 12-13 year olds, of which many begin to suffer from ‘math phobia’. Fear of math at this age and stage is then carried throughout the child’s life resulting in stunted learning and incomplete education.

Online Math Tutor for 7th Grade

Math is an essential skill in our everyday life! Our grade 7 math tutors realize this and hence guide their students towards a better understanding of the new terminologies and methods. With eTutorWorld expert and experienced Math teachers, students learn the Grade 7 math topics gradually and effortlessly. Each tutoring session is taught using state-of-the-art technology, a student centric approach, individualized teaching and assessments. Be it Real Numbers or Rational Numbers, Constructions or Measurement, Triangles or Quadrilaterals, Scatter plots or the stem-and-leaf plot students are able to grasp these concepts quickly with the help of a shared whiteboard and audio conferencing during the live tutoring session.

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Personalized 7th grade math tutoring sessions make sure that the student’s progress is the focus. Emphasis is laid on the student’s capability and requirements. Formative assessments during the tutoring sessions are used to identify the student’s areas for improvement and strengths. Cumulative assessments sent to the student after every tutoring session are used to reinforce learned concepts.

Grade 7 math worksheets have been prepared by subject teachers who are conscious of the requirement for regular math practice.

Anytime, Anywhere Math Help

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